28 Kasım 2013 Perşembe

Colors and Patterns

If someone asks you what your most valuable piece in your wardrobe is, you should have only one answer.
Everything else is either nonsense or irrelevant. The real deal is feeling groovy what you are in.


            Nowadays it is perfectly normal to feel blue and you can easily find yourself in lots of greys and blacks.
            This summer bright colors and patterns are used bravely. We saw many bold outfits starting from May and June and continued also in New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks. This indicates we are going to face them next year too, so get used to it or deal with being invisible...
            Being true to "color families" is the only important thing you have to keep in mind. Browns, greens,  blues is one, blacks, greys, whites and neons is the other.
            Italians say that sitting at the family table with good friends never grows you old.
So don't forget these tips and rest of little ideas are in Turkish at;


Happy Thanksgiving to my Christian friends.
I'll see you around people...

20 Mart 2013 Çarşamba

Jean Jacket

Kot ceketlerin modası hiç bir zaman geçmez, biraz unutulur, dolapta gerilere koyarsınız falan, ama mutlaka tekrar yeri gelecektir. O yüzden size de en az bir mümkünse üç tane bulundurmanızı tavsiye ederim.
Kışın yumuşak havalarda içine kazakla, baharda tshirt üzerine harika olur. Mümkünse ya dar ya da bol pantolonla.

Jean jackets are never old fashioned. You forget them for a while, put them down in the closet but no matter what, they are gonna come back. That is why you have to have one at least, three if possible, I recommend.
Soft weather in the winter with a jumper or in the spring or the fall with a tshirt, it'll be awesome. With a skinny jean or loose pants.


27 Şubat 2013 Çarşamba

Cold Outside Warm Inside

Kışlar Ankara'da hep soğuk olur,
 tren istasyonlarında ise daha bir soğuk olur. Aslında birleştirdiği kadar ayırır bu istasyonlar ama hep birileri gidiyor gibi gelir.
Her şeye rağmen bir anne hırkası ısıtıverir içimizi. Biraz yünden biraz sevgiden örüldüğü için sanırım...

Winters in Ankara are always cold.
It is even colder at the train stations. In reality, these stations seperate and unite people almost equally but they make you feel like significant others are leaving.
However, a Mama's cardigan warms you inside. Just because it is knitted with both wool and LOVE...

3 Ocak 2013 Perşembe

Suburban Train

          Annemin koleksiyonundan bir parçayla daha işte buradayım. Bu sefer serin ve güneşli bir gün için mükemmel olan kocaman hırkamı çekmeliyiz diye düşündük. Rengi de tren garının hüznüyle oldukça uyumlu oldu.
        Umarım yeni yılın ilk postunu beğenirsiniz.
İyi yıllar!!!   :)

          Here I am with another piece of Mama's collection. This time we thought we should shoot my huge cardigan which is perfect for a chilly and sunny day. In fact its color suits very well to sadness of the train station.
         Hope you like the first post of the new year.
Have a good one!!!    :)