28 Kasım 2013 Perşembe

Colors and Patterns

If someone asks you what your most valuable piece in your wardrobe is, you should have only one answer.
Everything else is either nonsense or irrelevant. The real deal is feeling groovy what you are in.


            Nowadays it is perfectly normal to feel blue and you can easily find yourself in lots of greys and blacks.
            This summer bright colors and patterns are used bravely. We saw many bold outfits starting from May and June and continued also in New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks. This indicates we are going to face them next year too, so get used to it or deal with being invisible...
            Being true to "color families" is the only important thing you have to keep in mind. Browns, greens,  blues is one, blacks, greys, whites and neons is the other.
            Italians say that sitting at the family table with good friends never grows you old.
So don't forget these tips and rest of little ideas are in Turkish at;


Happy Thanksgiving to my Christian friends.
I'll see you around people...

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  1. renk uyumu ve aksesuarlar süper olmuş ki:)a huge smile en sevimlisi...bir tek bir konuda fikrimi söylemek isterim gömleğin tüm düğmeleri kapalı olmasa hani şu en üsttekini açsak daha mı iyi olur ki?:)

  2. Teşekkürrrleeerrr.. :) casual olunca o düğme açılabiliyo tabii ama kapatmak da benim zaafımm! :) :) :) hatta açınca da üstten 3 düğme falan açılıyo, ortası yok! :) ehueheuhe. Notumu aldım, dikkat edicem. :) Tekrar teşekkürleerr..